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MAY 2020





For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought fears of illness and death, a sense of isolation, and an acute awareness of freedom lost. We’ve been thrown into a crisis, forced into experiencing our human vulnerability, and waves of helplessness in a difficult reality.

If this is what you’ve been feeling, thinking about, struggling with, then join a new virtual therapy group from the comfort of your home. Together, we’ll explore the inevitable challenges that come with being alive, how to tolerate an uncertain existence, and ways to live – even thrive – despite the anxieties of the human condition.

For more details about the group:  |  072 069 5452





Mental Health Workshop: Body Basics for Anxiety

09:00 – 12:00

Health on Hillcrest | Blairgowrie | Randburg | Johannesburg



Living with anxiety is tough. It can happen anywhere, even when there’s no reason to feel worried. It can come and go, or be there all the time; be mild or intense; be unpredictable. It can make you change how you live your life, disturb your sleep, get in the way of work and relationships. Often, it’s exhausting.

This workshop is all about understanding the mind-body connection, and the ways that you can use body-based interventions to calm your mind and the symptoms of anxiety (racing heart, trembling, breathlessness, dizziness, nausea, tingling, muscle tension). We’ll have a look at how the body’s stress response works, what happens when it’s overactive, and how to bring the relaxation branch of the nervous system back online. We’ll also practise the techniques together, including ending off with a beginner’s yoga session particularly focused on quietening thoughts and lowering anxiety levels.

You don’t need any yoga/exercise experience for this workshop, just some comfortable clothing. If you have a yoga mat and would like to use it, bring it with.

To book or for any questions, contact Dessy on 072 069 5452.