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Individual Therapy

Usually attended once weekly for 50 minute sessions, individual therapy is a one-on-one space where you can bring whatever is weighing on you, making it difficult to live the life you want. For some, this is a mental illness, for others, it’s conflict, trauma, even a medical condition. 


Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, both you and your partner attend weekly 50 minute sessions together, in which the focus is on the relationship. 


Online Sessions

Aimed at offering remote support, these are conducted via video call and allow you to have virtual therapy sessions from home (data & a stable Internet connection are required).  


Group Sessions

These sessions are available on different mental health topics, and are aimed at helping you understand what you’re experiencing, the steps you can take to help yourself, as well as what treatment options are worth exploring. For more on upcoming groups, click here.





The first 2 to 3 sessions are all about getting to know you, where you come from, what brings you to Novapsych, and what you hope for in the future. The time will be used to gather detailed information about you in order to be able to make a thorough clinical evaluation of what treatment / support / care is needed. These sessions are quite different in style to general psychotherapy sessions.  




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