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Hoping to make psychotherapy more accessible, Novapsych charges below medical aid rates. As this is a cash practice, you are required to settle your account and then use the invoice provided to claim back from your medical aid in order to be reimbursed.

You are welcome to make payments by cash / debit or credit card / EFT. More details on payments will be sent to you when an appointment is made.

Please note that sessions not cancelled 24 hours before the time will be charged for.


Session Rates

30 minute Individual Session – R400


50 minute Individual/Couple Session – R700


60 minute Group Session – R200 per person


If you are in need of therapy and committed to caring for your mental health, but feel restricted by your financial circumstances, there are some options below that you may find more suitable. Weekly sessions offer the maximum benefit. However, if this is simply not possible for you, the alternative does not have to be no sessions at all.

– Weekly 30-minute sessions

– Biweekly (every second week) 50-minute sessions

– Applying for the Reduced Rate Benefit


Reduced Rate Benefit

There are a limited number of weekly individual 50-minute therapy slots available at a reduced rate. To qualify for this benefit, you will need to provide proof of household income, among other documents. To apply, send an email to