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While it’s quite well known that psychologists offer talk therapy, what’s less clear is that not all psychologists practise the same style of therapy.

At Novapsych, the therapy offered is psychodynamic in nature, with a strong existential and humanistic influence.

What does this really mean? You can expect that during the therapy process, you will be discovered as a unique human being facing both challenges inherent to our existence, as well as conflicts within you, which influence how you see and interact with your world, and the people in it. The focus is largely on self-awareness, appreciating how your life experiences have shaped you, understanding the role you play in your relationships and in building your reality, exploring the different parts within you that may be at odds, and moving towards growth and creating meaning in life, despite the problems faced and the realities we cannot change. Therapy is not an advice-giving process, but rather a place to face the pain together and heal through human connection, and through a deeper sense of self.

This style of therapy is about warmth, honesty, and acceptance, and is mostly non-directive, allowing you the freedom to make use of sessions as you need. In this way, you take an active role in your healing, using therapy to connect with your inner wisdom and power.

Elements of other psychotherapeutic approaches may be applied in response to your needs, and with the aim of providing the most effective mental health treatment.